Halloween Events by City and County in California

No matter where in CA you are, there are plenty of Halloween fun for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. Whether you’re close to the city, or located in a more rural area, there are plenty of haunted attractions in every region of CA. Wherever you’re located, there’s bound to be some festive fun for you to enjoy this season - make sure to use city guide to find the most exciting attractions near you this fall!

  • All Saints Lunatic Asylum - Haunted Attraction

    Located in Apple Valley
    Next open 10/5/18

    "Nearly 50 years ago, All Saints Lunatic Asylum, a one time state of the art mental health facility, lost funding and was forced to close its doors. Patients unable to leave, Doctors with nowhere to go, the once cutting edge mental health facility fell into obscurity. Now for the first time in half a century, you will for a limited time be able to tour this forsaken facility. The current owner M... Read More

  • Hallowe'en Candlelight Tours

    Located in San Jose

    Guided only by candlelight, the morbid lure of darkness and what might exist on the “other side,” guests tour the bewildering maze of rooms which are frozen in a state of arrested decay or resplendent in Victorian grandeur. Although touches of festive Halloween abound, the atmosphere is heavy with foreboding as an unseen presence seems to be watching at all times.

    The nighttime tour of... Read More

  • Fear Overload Scream Park

    Located in San Leandro
    Next open 9/28/18


    Noted as being the best Haunted House Bay Area attractions, Fear Overload Scream Park’s nightmares that are worth revisiting and gawking over. Displayed gloriously on and open from September 28th to November 3rd, 2018, Fear Overload offers 2 ecstatic, over-the-top haunted houses rich with monsters and unsavory demo... Read More

  • Mable's 6 Feet Under

    Located in Anaheim

    Located across the freeway from Disneyland in Anaheim's Business Expo Center, this haunted attraction is an actual maze. Once you're there, our little girl Mable won't want you to leave. She lives in the motel....for all eternity. She has enlisted the help of the dead and undead motel staff to keep you in her tourist trap. Just when you think you have found your way, she will add another trick t... Read More

  • The 17th Door Haunt Experience

    Located in Fullerton

    ALL NEW MAZE for 2017! Now in Fullerton!
    All new rooms, new theme, new scares, featuring over 35 minutes of terror plus a horror virtual reality add-on experience (tickets available at the door).

    And so it continues. Our Paula has committed a heinous crime. It’s now time to pay the price…a lengthy sentence to be served in the most gruesome and hellish of prisons. Much worse ... Read More

  • Ultimate Terror Scream Park

    Located in Sacramento
    Next open 9/28/18

    Welcome to Sacramento's premier haunted house event. As seen on Forbes, CBS, ABC, and Fox News, Ultimate Terror Scream Park unleashes three ridiculous haunted houses for the Halloween season. It's time to SCREAM!

    Dr. Frederick Von Glitch was a renowned scientist who suddenly had the irresistible urge to communicate with the dead. His beliefs and theories got hi... Read More

  • Deadringers: Coffin Escape Races

    Located in Laguna Beach

    This Halloween season, the “escape room” concept is re-invented in two custom-built coffins. Players will enter each coffin individually and race to get out, being immersed into a full sensory experience with interactive puzzles.

    The game “Deadringers” transports players centuries back when the deceased were buried with bells, so they could ring them to alert gravekeepers if they were ... Read More

  • Cross Roads Escape Games

    Located in Anaheim

    This is not your average escape room. Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Cross Roads Escape Games brings you the next level of escape games.

    The Hex Room: Can you survive a horror film? This murderous horror movie fan wants to watch you try. Each player will take a quiz before the game to find out which character they are: The Nerd, Virgin, Jock, Rebel, Prom Queen, or Detective. Y... Read More

  • Ranch of Horror

    Located in Turlock

    House of the Dystopia- Where nightmares become reality this year’s feature attraction is a self guided tour through a haunted house filled with scenes from your worse phobias. This haunting experience is only $12.50.

    Zombie Escape -$25.00
    Zombie Escape is a combination of an escape room and paintball tag in one. Players are sent out equipped with paintball guns, masks and gear to ... Read More

Halloween Attractions By County

Halloween Attractions By City