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King Richard's Antique Center - Real Whittier Haunted Place

  • 12301 Whittier Blvd.
  • Whittier, CA
  • (562) 698-5974
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This antique store is housed inside a building that was constructed in 1903. It once operated as an old citrus packing house and two workers reportedly died here. One was locked into a freezer in the basement and the other was crushing when machinery fell on him. Witnesses have reported appliances working even when they're not plugged in, black figures, pictures jumping off the walls and cold spots.
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  • Eerie

    I was walking with mom downstairs and immediately my mom is telling me how she feels fatigued, and I didn’t think much of it since she’s always like that till we start walking even further and immediately turned around. I tell my mom why she’s walking away and she said “I’m not doing this” and btw there was nobody on this floor as it had just opened. So as my mom is walking awake I hear footsteps and I know it was from upstairs because as soon as I heard it I got chills and felt vibrations. Could be because I was wearing shorts but when I was upstairs later on it was pretty hot.

    Posted 4/30/24

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  • I Met Lucifer....No Joke!

    So as a new dealer at the lovely KR, I was in my space (1624, basement lower level, just to the left of the aisle 5 hanging sign) and I was setting up shop, painting and what not when 2 people stopped by my space and started to chat me up. Really nice people. Not sure if they were a couple or not, as the woman looked a tad older, perhaps her daughter was a gf of the younger gentleman she accompanied (you never know these days now do you!) Well anyhoo...very friendly and a little kooky, just like I like! They inquired what kind of merchandise I'd have in my space and then told me they were there to see if theyd spot any ghosts. I said "nope! Nope! Not doing that! I don't need to here about any of that type of shenanigans! I'm terrified of anything remotely scarey!" They laughed and scurried down the aisle. About 20 minutes later they returned, we grabbed some more and then I finally was like a polite normal human and said "I'm Whitney btw, what were your names?" Couldn't tell you the woman's name but man when she introduced the young man next to her as Lucifer you know I was like " ya right!" She said " no really! He had his name legally changed." I called bs until I saw his legal CA driver's license. Boy I'll tell you that was a treat in itself. In the driver's license he had long hair versus the short haired kid infront of me. I have never seen a more amazing photo in my life. Straight out of The Lost Boys! I exclaimed " Wow!!! This is the most amazing photo I've ever seen! Up top sir! This is rad! " I think he may have stuck out his hand as if to shake mine and I replied " Well it's nice to meet you in the flesh, but I ain't shaking the devils hand!" Made for an excellent text to some friends...my friend Scott L. was not having it..of all people... well I lived to tell. And as I loaded up my car to head back down behind the orange curtain they jolly woman and Lucifer were across the parking lot getting into their car and she yelled out cheerfully "Bye girlfriend!" You just can't make that shit up now can you? #truestory #yolo #thedeviantphytophile #kingrichardsantiques #dwa #nobueno #shamrock #waxcandy #bauhausandbanshee #facekitty

    Posted 2/25/24

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  • Doll turned on by itself

    I just stumbled across this page and i decided to share my experience. I love this store and I think it has amazing antiques. I use to bring my grandmother here and it would always take her back to some old memories she had as a child with certain items found. I do have a creepy story though. Years ago I went upstairs and they had some dolls laying around in a certain section. I was alone up stairs and I decided to check out the doll because it had me. It was a very old rag doll and I had no clue it could play music. Keep in mind that I only walked up to it and never touched it but as soon as I walked away it decided to turn on. I instantly looked back it and paused for a moment and sped out the top floor.

    Posted 1/21/24

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  • I nearly fainted

    This was my second time visiting the store. I’ve driven passed it many times and it had always piqued my attention. The first time I was there, I went alone. I felt a heavy presence and like I was being followed. There were a few times where I thought I saw a shadowy figure from the corner of my eye but didn’t think too much of it. My second time around, I went with my boyfriend. We were searching for an antique mirror to bring home. By the time we got to the bottom floor where I felt a heavy presence the last time I went, it felt just as heavy’. We went to the final bottom floor and felt multiple cold spots and heard a few toys go off by themselves. By the time we went back upstairs and I stood in line to pay for my item, the feeling of heaviness on my chest became so unbearable. I told my boyfriend that we had to get out NOW. He looked at me, grabbed my item, set it down, and practically ran out of there. If I had waited another minute I would have absolutely passed out. I didn’t feel better until we drove away. That was the first time I had felt something THAT intense. Immediately cleansed ourselves after getting home.

    Posted 11/27/22

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  • Must Visit

    We used to visit King Richards frequently when we lived in Whittier. They had a fascinating collection of vintage collectables, furniture, clothing and kitchen items, not to mention antique cars upstairs and refurbished jukeboxes downstairs. Unfortunately, was never aware of anything weird, except some of the merchandise. Would have enjoyed a ghost or two! We make it a point to visit King Richard's when we're in SoCal.

    Posted 3/29/21

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  • Heavy feeling

    As I walk in it’s instantly feeling of someone next to you Cold spots through out as I walk thru the aisles I feel that something is next to me I turn around and noting. As I get to the stairs to go down I feel very cold I get to an area where it goes into a basement .. I stop and get a horrible feeling I just peek and get a feeling that makes me feel heavy almost makes me very nauseous. I refuse to walk in I hero walking as I walk up the end of Building a eerie distant music box tune starts and became almost so cold I started to get the chills and I got instantly a feeling of fear. As I stop I turn around and the feeling of someone following me came over me .. I walked fast to the stairs I see the employee and felt relieved. I was going to go up to the upstairs part but as I walk up two stairs I felt dizzy I immediately decided to leave . As I walk to my car I felt a horrible head pressure as I drove away I felt better. There most definitely a heavy sprit there or a few .. the one upstairs seems really alarming

    Posted 12/14/20

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  • Haunted

    I’ve never been inside this place and I drive by it all the time. I was looking for some pirate decoration for my son’s birthday and decided to give it a try. I walked in and I felt light headed, dizzy and pressure like I was on an airplane. I also had trouble breathing and weak. . I was asking around and kept seeing a figure flash by like it was hiding from me. I had this weird feeling to go down to the lower level and I kept seeing something but it it was like a flash. I got to the back area and I felt sadness, trouble breathing and I felt like I was going to pass out. I found some worker and mentioned I think someone died here and I am seeing an entity. They called me a weirdo and continued working. I went up stairs to leave and saw 2 ladies at the register and I mentioned to them that this place is haunted, I’m getting pressure in my chest and cannot breathe. I also mentioned I saw a entity leading me to the lower back area. They both looked at each other before they said some died here. And they died by a machine falling on them. I’ve never been there since and don’t plan to return.

    Posted 6/10/18

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