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Hotel La Rose - Santa Rosa CA Haunted Place

  • 308 Wilson St.
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • (707) 579-3200
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This historic hotel dates back to 1907 and was once the sleeping quarters for railroad passengers who stayed the night in town. It is reportedly haunted and stories are associated with its colorful past. A pair of ghostly children are said to haunt the building in search of their parents, along with a ghostly woman wearing a nightgown who has been spotted drifting through closed doors.
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  • Children playing hide and seek.

    Stayed at the hotel and enjoyed our stay immensely. The ghostly children woke me up around 2am laughing yelling “I found you.” Then a man’s voice yelled out that that was enough and to come in the room.

    Posted 4/20/23

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  • january 2019

    my husband and I checked in to our beautiful room, put our bags on the floor used the restroom, and then left for dinner. When we came back later that night out bags were in different spots, the door to the bathroom was closed, we left it open. The night was quiet, didn't hear anything unusual. Then the next morning we were headed down the stairs from the 3rd floor and I got to the 2nd floor staircase and fell down a few stairs. My husband was behind me and heard my bone break. After scooting down the stairs to the lobby and get help. we left for the hospital. My ankle was broken, so weird that is happened there, and afterwards is when I read about the paranormal activity. My comment is always the ghost pushed me down the stairs. The hotel is actually very nice.

    Posted 3/2/23

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  • Haunted La Rose Hotel Room 31

    On July 7, 2021 my husband and I spent the night at La Rose Hotel in Santa Rosa. I love beautiful, historic hotels but didn't know it was known for paranormal activity when I booked it. We stayed in room 31 and during the night, I kept hearing something that sounded like a wooden chair in the room squeaking. I'd fall asleep then wake up and lay there listening to it. It wasn't my husband, as he was asleep next to me. In the wee hours of the morning, the security chain on the door kept rattling. It would stop then start again. There was light from a nightlight and I could see no one was there. In the room above us, it sounded like someone kept dropping a heavy object and tromping around loudly, until around 1:30a.m. Could have been a loud guest, but earlier there was a chain across the stairway blocking access up to that floor, so I assumed the floor above was not being used for guests while we were there.

    Posted 7/9/21

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  • Blissfully unaware

    My fiancé and I met his sister, infant and husband for her 30th birthday in February 2020. My fiancé is sensitive to the paranormal and avoids haunted places at all costs. Well we didn’t know the history of the hotel when we booked it. About an hour after my sister in law and her husband arrived they heard their room phone ring but no one was on the other end of the phone. The elevator felt extremely creepy and the overall feel of the hotel was creepy. At 4:52am, my fiancé jolted up and said he felt someone get off the corner of the bed. The bed shifted and he felt the bed spring back up where a spirit had been sitting. We then googled and found out ringing phones and a woman spirit who had died in the hotel were common spirits and activity. So creepy!

    Posted 2/16/20

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  • Shadows and whispers

    I stayed at this hotel in 2007 with my colleague. We are both pilots and our scheduling department booked this place for us. It would not be the kind of place pilots usually stay but since there weren't any other hotels available, we took what we could get. We got in midday, I remember the hotel concierge gentleman (José perhaps?) tell us that we were staying in the older part of the hotel. Evidently there are different sections to this hotel. The front desk clerk checked us in, and as I stood at the desk, I saw out of the corner of my eye to the right, at the first landing of the steps, a shadow of what appeared to be a small kid disappear quickly as I turned to look. I know what i saw. I asked the clerk if she knew this place has spirits since i felt a strange energy also in that hotel, the feeling I've had many times since I was a kid. I was in a large room, can not remember the room number, but it was a well decorated room with a lot of floral prints. I felt a deep sadness in there, but not nearly as profound an experience as around 5 a.m. when I woke up to get ready. I heard little kids voices whispering in the hall just outside my door...the kind of whispering kids do when they're about to play a trick on someone or hide from you. When I opened the door, there was nobody there. I am not confabulating the things I write about here. I did experience them. When I called to tell our company's scheduling department that this hotel is haunted, I was sent for FAA-mandated random drug testing the next day. I passed and I'm still a professional pilot since 1998.

    Posted 12/31/19

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  • Screaming woman

    I was staying at the Hotel La Rosa in May 2017. I was in room 301 and started to dose off on my bed in the late afternoon after checking in. Suddenly, I was awoken to a blood curdling woman’s scream which startled me awake. At first, I thought it was some young girls fooling around in their room but after the initial screa, I didn’t hear anything else. Just quiet. For a moment, I thought to mysellf, is this place haunted? Didn’t think much more about it and joined my friends for dinner later that evening. They were staying on the second floor. I never even mentioned the strange scream to them. Later, after dinner, we returned to the hotel with ice cream and decided to sit in the lobby to finish our ice cream. Out of the blue, one of my friends asked the night clerk if the hotel was haunted? My jaw dropped. I had not mentioned my earlier experience with the blood curdling scream to anyone. The clerk said that there were rumors that the hotel was haunted but she personally had not experienced anything. But, she said her coworkers had. I reiterated my story about the blood curdling scream I had heard earlier and asked her if the haunting were on the third floor and she said, yes! You can imagine my horror. I did stay the night in the room on the third floor that night and although I was spooked, nothing happened during the night. The next day, my friends and I joked about it but that was about it and we soon forgot about it. A few days later I was at the Oakland airport waiting for my flight back to Seattle, and I decided to google the Hotel La Rosa and whether or not it was haunted. What I learned, made me shake in my boots. Apparently, years ago, a family was murdered in the room next to mine and ghosts have been seen roaming in the hotel especially in the area of room 42 on the third floor. My room was next door to that room. I’m not sure I’ve ever really believed in paranormal activity up until that time, but now I am a believer. I really experienced something that I cannot explain. It’s been 7 months and I can’t forget what happened!

    Posted 11/25/17

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