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  • Whittier, CA
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Turnbull Canyon in Whittier offers visitors a four mile hike through Puente Hills. Stories say it also offers some spirits, believed to be the ghosts of the 29 people who perished here in a plane crash in the 1950s. Local legend says there are some children lingering the area in spirit as well. They were believed to have been taken from an orphanage nearby and used in ritualistic sacrifices.

Along with these ghosts, the spirit of a teen who found some old electroshock equipment from the canyon's burnt-down asylum and fried his brain despite the site having no power, is known to linger the canyon as well. Natives call the area “Hutukngna,” meaning the place of the Devil.
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  • As haunting as it gets ! Seriously…

    On multiple occasions me & my friends have gone up this trail & Turnbull Canyon road alone & have experienced multiple incidents of paranormal phenomenons. 1st real serious encounter was driving through a big caravan of ghost that had been walking on the road down into the north most dense non accessible part that you wouldn’t expect anyone to walk down into away from the hills that everyone hikes regularly. It’s 1st mention because it was a real phenomenon where the caravan of ghost managed to completely go through the whole vehicle we were in as we drove through it. Upon driving through it me & my friend whom was driving had looked directly at each other both our jaws dropped to the seat belt lock & we both knew & felt the coldness of the spirits as they passed through us & looked through the back windshield to see them continue to walk the Turnbull Canyon Road into the said North Dense inaccessible part that’s opposite of the hills hiked regularly & continued to be there till we turned the corner of that section & was out of our visibility. And no this couldn’t had been some cloud or anything because it was all during the summer of 17’ when it was nothing but normal hot weather as usual. 2nd phenomenon was at the Friendly Hills hiking trail, remind you we’re doing this all at 2/3am precisely nothing near 11pm or 12am we were always up late looking for trouble without even knowing it. This encounter was pretty serious as we started the Trail we managed to come across this 8ft figure completely standing still taking up the whole trail for itself just as you pass all the wood logs you come across at the beginning up until you reach the minor decline well before the right turn where you begin to ascend. Weirdly the only thing visible was its glowing white eyes & its completely black figured body. We even managed to flash our phone lights at it without seeing the other side of the trail it was blocking. Upon being spooked we began to walk back towards the parking lot & where the hiking information stand is located & could most definitely feel the presence of the demon figure watching upon us. We decide to taunt it for minutes to see if the shadow would present itself more while we have the street lights to protect us from complete darkness to only have the shadow figure tussle around the ditch area around the trees shaking up leaves to show dominance of its presence without fully exposing itself to us under the lights of the street just outside of the parking lot where the little bridge is opposite of the street. While we’re taunting him & yelling for the figure to present itself from darkness as were moving back & forth from our position to bring it out into the open its force or “energy” was completely managing to turn off & on our flashlight as if it was faulty or had low battery power. Remind you this is the shadow figure’s territory were just visitors trespassing. So after all that we ended up giving up on using taunting to persuade it to present itself fully under the lights of the street & returned to our vehicle where we checked the flashlight to find out it was functioning properly like no problem even after having it malfunction while we were taunting the shadow figure just hundreds of feet from where we just were at. This was an occurrence of summer 19’. Last & final experience was also at the Friendly Hills Hiking Trail but, only at the metal benches that you’re met with just hundreds of feet away from the parking lot. Upon arriving to the parking lot everything felt normal as it should be up until we reached the tables & got settled. Remind you every experienced mentioned above all took place at very early hours in the morning from 2-4am easily. Once at the tables me & my group were just enjoying ourselves getting ready to see what we were gonna do this occasion we were there & before we knew it we began to hear this calling out of what seemed to be a young women crying out for help but not yelling or anything but, softly crying as if she had just been injured or something. I didn’t think nothing of it because I couldn’t hear it until my group all heard it together as it seemed to approach closer & closer with each crying call out we heard & before you knew it it sounded like it had only been 5-10 feet away from us crying as if it could see us but we couldn’t see it. Me personally I wasn’t scared of it at all due to the previous experience with the 8ft shadow figure but the group I was with only 2 out of the 4 us were present when we were met with the shadow figure. Unfortunately due to the scared & frightened members whom aren’t use to these paranormal experiences they rushed us back to the vehicle & rushed us back to our residence with their tails tucked. This phenomenon happened in the summer of 20’. After all these paranormal experiences me & my original group whom experienced the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd paranormal encounters haven’t returned to neither Turnbull Canyon or Friendly Hills Trail in years to see if any new events may arise in our very late adventures. All this information is very much true & I seriously wouldn’t recommend taking the time to experience it for yourself unless you’re in a group as we were for all 3 experiences. Remind you this is OUR experiences & it may not be at all close or related to what you may experience yourself so please proceed with caution if you choose to follow through in chasing your fears & danger !

    Posted 2/19/24

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  • Only scary because it’s dark

    The story is that the top of the hill is supposed to be where the ku klux klan did rituals and killed people. The top there is a giant gate that is locked. I’m not sure if it’s just someone’s house or property but it’s really scary at night! There’s not much cell service and there’s really no lights on the trail. So just be careful. It just adds to the spooky factor. I graduated La Serna in 2012 and that’s just the stories I’ve heard of. Oh, and I guess a woman was thrown off the side of the hill as well. The scariest part is the other drivers. I know a lot of dumb kids in high school used to race down those hills so just be very careful. Uptown Whittier is awesome for scaries though. A lot of films are made there. I loved living in whittier

    Posted 12/20/23

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    I'm very sensitive to the spiritual realm & always feel uneasy when walking here. One time, we took a hike with our baby but kept hearing someone walking behind us. At some point, one of the bushes next to us started shaking hard & we heard a growl. I have an app that sends you to places with high spirit energy & it has sent me to parts of Turnbull that require me to walk down the hill into the dark areas. I Googled that area & it was weird because you were able to see a face in the picture & when we went there was a cross. Turnbull is dark and attracts bad spirits into your home. I live under before the canyon starts & we always get entities following us. I have 2 friends that claim that 2 guys were friendly with them but then wanted them to follow them off-trail deeper into the canyon. They believe they would've been sacrificed that day but idk if they were messing with me, you know ?

    Posted 3/11/23

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