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California's Weekend Halloween Fun Guide: November 5th - 8th

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Halloween has come and gone, but there's still haunts winding down the season with attractions open this weekend, and beyond! If you missed out on the Halloween Fun this year, not to worry - plenty of California's Haunts have extended the Halloween Season into November so that you can catch up on the thrills & chills you missed this October! Now that the season is winding down, this will be the last Haunted House Newsletter you see from CaliforniaHauntedHouses.com for the 2015 Halloween Season, but don't worry - we'll be back next year with all of the best 2016 Halloween Fun. Happy Haunting!

The 17th Door Haunt Experience
Tustin, CA
Open Friday 11/6 and Saturday 11/7
The 17th Door is Orange County's most intense and most terrifying haunted house! Behind its 17 doors is an interactive experience more innovative and shocking than anything that's been tried before.
The Zombie Run
South Aguanga, CA
Open Saturday 11/7
The setting is your hometown. It’s the last known place on the planet that has uninfected humans. The rest of the World has been taken by the apocalypse, including your military and the majority of the CDC.
Sinister Pointe
Brea, CA
Open Friday 11/6, Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 11/8
Fear the Darkness is a terrifyingly unique experience, where you along with a single guest will encounter a nearly 30-minute fear challenge that will require complete trust from your partner.
San Diego Ghost Tours
San Diego, CA
Open Friday 11/6, Saturday 11/7, Sunday 11/8 and 12 other dates
Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunting Tours... You’ve seen it on T.V. now come see and try it for yourself! Exclusively offered in San Diego by Michael Brown, The Leader in San Diego Ghost Adventures.
San Francisco Ghost Hunt
San Francisco, CA
Open Friday 11/6, Saturday 11/7, Sunday 11/8 and 14 other dates
The San Francisco Ghost Hunt visits San Francisco’s most notorious historic haunted places and YOU MEET REAL GHOSTS FROM WILD AND ROMANTIC TIMES GONE BY!
McKamey Manor
San Diego, CA
Open Saturday 11/7, Sunday 11/8 and 6 other dates
Be warned, this is not your standard (boo) haunted house. This is an audience participation event in which (YOU) will live your own Horror Movie.



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