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Did you know that many of ##Region##'s most prestigious Colleges and universities are believed to be haunted? With campuses dating back hundreds of years, and schools built upon old estates, and public properties, it's no wonder that so many ghosts and ghouls are still enrolled at some of ##Region##'s scariest schools! Find out all about ##Region##'s most haunted schools, and get an education on the haunted history of ##Region##!
  •   Preston Castle Ione, CA
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    Also known as the Preston School of Industry, this majestic building was founded in 1894 as a reform school. It then became the Preston Youth Correctional Facility in 1999 before ceasing operations in 2011. The historic building is now open to the public for tours and is believed to be haunted by former wards and a housekeeper named Anna Corbin. Anna was bludgeoned to death at the... Read More

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