Fright Planet - America's Haunted Theme Park

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An entire night of scary fun awaits you at Fright Planet - America's Haunted Theme Park. Numerous haunted houses, attractions, and horror entertainment makes this the largest Halloween event in Sacramento. Located at Cal Expo's California State Fairgrounds.

Some of the Haunted Attractions for include:

-Hobart's Doll Factory
-The Little House of Carnage
-Blackout Live
-Jatinga The Forbidden Temple
-Cannibal Cabin
-Distorted Maze
-Buried Alive: The Ride
-ScreamMax 3-D Movie Theater Email Haunt Owner
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  • very good

    A must see Halloween tradition and it's right here in our hometown of Sacramento. I had a smile the entire time I was there and I was impressed with all the new houses they had this year. Unlike other haunted houses that I've been to including six flags fright fest, frightplanet always changes around their houses to completely new themes. On the other hand, they do leave some old houses (like the doll house and black out). One suggestion is Red should have less fog or more lights? Seems like some of the sets were well done but hard to make them out. Will be back next year!!

    Posted 10/28/14

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  • We are still talking about Fright Planet!

    There aren't a lot of people who don't know about Fright Planet, so I will keep my review short as to not repeat myself. I came on Oct 4th and had such a scary good time that I had to come back on Oct 10th with other friends to do it all over again! Well worth the $40 price (but I found a coupon at McDonald's for my second trip and saved half)! Call me crazy but I think I'm going to go back one last time before Halloween. What amazed me the most was that I could swear they added more things from the first two times I came. There were scary things that I totally don't remember seeing the first time. So cool! Honestly, this place shouldn't be missed!!

    Posted 10/14/14

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  • Had a blast!

    26 coworkers all got together and went to Fright Planet last night. We had a blast! Best way to spend a night together when we all work together during the day. Seeing your boss jump two-miles in the sky when he got scared over and over was pure pleasure. He will never live this down! Here's a secret if you want to save a ton of money going here: Go as a big group. We saved $260 by all going together (not to mention the gas we saved)!! Everyone wants to do this again next year! If you haven't heard of this place before like we hadn't, it's a must do! Thanks Fright Planet for all the blackmail we now have on our boss!

    Posted 10/7/13

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  • fright fest at it's finest

    We came through the haunted house last year and had a less the stellar experience due to the heavy, unorganized lines...My daughter wanted to go back since we heard they had some new houses to enter and i'm so so so glad we did. They got their lines under control, lots of help guiding you to where you need to go and the doll factory, oh my the doll factory. We enjoyed every house but the doll factory was our favorite to date. thanks for redeeming yourself we'll be back Halloween weekend with some family coming from out of town.

    Posted 10/16/12

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  • Was a fan in 2010

    Okay, so we had taken a visit to the hunted house by fright plant back in 2010. This one was in a different location in Sac, but it was put together wonderfully, staff was great and scary as hell. We so thought the one at Cal Expo was going to be off the charts. Not only because of the location, but because we were so impressed with the last one in 2010. When we got to the Cal Expo location in 2011 we had to wait in a terribly long line, but we weren’t worried because we thought it would have been well worth it. Needless to say my built up anticipation was shot down the minute we stepped in to the first haunted house. The sets/attractions where not put together well and looked as though they put them up in a hurry. The staff was scary looking; however it seemed they hired a few more high school kids this time as they were not on their game when walking through the different attractions. They were either not there or didn’t really care to scare anyone. I love haunted houses and we don’t have very many good ones in Northern Cali, so my hope is that freight planet can take constructive criticism and put it to making themselves better and better, each year! I hope that this year is better, however if they plan on running it like last year you can count me and my crew out. Sincerely a big fan in 2010

    Posted 9/24/12

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  • Worst Experience!!

    My family and I went to Fright World for the first time tonight Saturday 10/15/2011.. Let me tell this has to be the worst and most unorganized Halloween event I have ever been to!! The gates open from 7pm to 11pm on Saturday. We park and are in line by 8pm on the dot. The line has easily 400-500 people in it already. We finally get through the line at 10:04pm... Thats over 2 hours of standing in line. Just to get to the fro t and find out that most of the people in line were waiting to buy tickets at the door, and we had already purchased ours through groupon, but the people running this event for some reason didnt find it neccessary to have one line for pre-purchased tickets and one line for at the door ticket purchases!! This was very upsetting, since it took so long to get through the line, by the time we were through they werent showing the 3d movie any longer. So we are finally ane tired of standing, we're ready to get scared and have fun just to find out that every ride had a line to stand in as well. It took us another 20mins to get in the first haunted house. Then another 20 for the second. The third one was supposedly the best one "Death Row". This one line took 1 hour to get through and it wasnt worth the wait, it lasted all but 4 mins max!! By the time we were done people were leaving as it was almost mid night. We were ready to go but figured we might as well just go thru all the haunted houses that had small lines now and try n get our money's worth. We went thru the haunted house "Black Out" which was the best one, only because your in complete darkness. The actors they have SUCK!! Not scary or convincing at all. The long lines and waiting make this experience unbareable just to watch ameturish acts at best try to make a horrible attempt to scare you!!! Dont waste your money on this place instead go to the haunted house at sunrise mall or k street mall. ... Oh and also dont expect to buy drinks or refreshments in this place especially after waiting in line for hours. They literally had one ice cooler with only water and there was 400-800 people there!! Water bottle was $3... We will never go back

    Posted 10/16/11

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  • i'm still shaking

    we went to the haunted theme park on their opening night. i was a little dissapointed the movie theater wasnt open but they made up for it with there actors and scare houses. The sets were so cool, and the zombies follow you around until you're crying. We had so much fun! thanks for a great night

    Posted 10/14/11

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  • Should change their name to not scary planet

    I wasn't scared at all. The one thing they are really good at is their set design. This is the only thing they are consistent with. I think 2008 was the last time they were scary. The actors were better. Their haunt themes were better. To me they are trying to hard to be the biggest when they should be concentrating on the scariest. It's called a haunted attraction for a reason, To Get Scared"!!!.

    Posted 11/17/10

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  • VIPs beware!

    The first house that we visited was the Death Row, and one of the scary guys was pretty much in my face in the beginning. I was so scared and wasn't quite sure what to do to get away from him. Overall, I loved the 4 haunted houses. We purchased VIP tickets which was a great idea until we went to the Mystery Shack, which we saved for last. There was no official VIP line, so we stood next to the general line in the front. We were the only people in the VIP line and only waited a few minutes. When it came to letting people in, they let 9 people from the GENERAL ADMISSION line in and we were forced to wait to go in after them. The overall wait in that Mystery Shack VIP line was so long that we were asked by the security guards to move out of the way even though the guy who was letting people in asked us to wait there. I would rate the Mystery Shack as poor only because I was in a bad mood being let in after a whole general admission group, was asked to move because I had to wait so long, the guy running the shack had a poor attitude, and did not care about his job or made the experience enjoyable for the guests. I would have left satisfied with the experience but the person who ran the Mystery Shack line ruined it for me. I would recommend it to others but definitely warn them about VIPs not being treated like VIPs and that they should think about saving those extra dollars.

    Posted 10/25/10

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  • Simply Amazing!

    The haunts are 100% better this year! The saloon is AMAZING! The brothel girls scared the hell out of me. Nightmare Visions was completely trippy. The random easter bunny in it scared the hell out of me! Undertakers Revenge was amazing and has a REAL MEATLOCKER! Who does that? LOL And Death Row had some crazy, creepy characters in it. I also loved that they had other attractions for those too scared to go through. The Mystery Shack was really cool. Just like the Mystery Spot, which I love. The Movie theater was nice, movie was ok. Overall, They are 200% better than anything they've had in the area in years.

    Posted 10/22/10

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  • waste of time

    I visit all the haunts in the area every year and have never been impressed with Fright Planet. But I was super exited for this year it was all new and even more to do. But on e I got there it was still the same. Not much there. It feels more like a big home haunt then a pro one. And I actually payed for that. Each year I say I will not go back. This time I mean it. There are better haunts around and I will just go twice to the other.

    Posted 10/19/10

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  • Nice Haunt

    I gave it a 4 at of 5 stars because they have zero pneumatics, animatronics, or effects anywhere. Good fun for the entire family.

    Posted 10/3/10

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  • scary!

    had the best time at fright planet. cannot wait for them this year! a must do every year!

    Posted 9/19/10

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